Dubois County 4-H Fair

The 4-H fair is the highlight of my summer. The fair gives 4-Hers the opportunity to show how responsible they are in caring for their animals. But they’re still kids, and they manage to make their own fun during the long days in the barns. I spent the day there on Tuesday and a few hours on Thursday. I wish I was able to spend more time there…if only the rest of the county would stop producing news for one week. Along with fellow staff photographer Brittney Lohmiller and photo intern Jacob Wiegand, I contributed to The Herald’s annual 4-H fair Saturday Feature.

Ava Verkamp of St. Anthony, 9, left, Kinley Schnell of Celestine, 7, Alexandra Hohler of Huntingburg, 9, and her sister Elizabeth Hohler, 12, rinsed off in a water trough after the shaving cream fight at the Dubois County 4-H Fair.

Alexandra Hohler of Huntingburg, 9, cuddled with her 3-month-old Katahdin sheep Lily. Alexandra's family has 10 animals at the fair, but Lily is her favorite.

"So this is how my horse feels," exclaimed Brenna Brosmer of Huntingburg, 12, as she reacted to the cool temperature of the water in a pool in the bed of a pick-up truck belonging to Masen Cooper of Huntingburg, 17. Eleven 4-Hers from the horse and pony barn crowded into the pool, including Presley Neukam of Dubois, 16, center, who screamed as she was splashed with cold water by Brenna, left.

Chris Kluemper of Jasper showed her grandson Conner Herzog of Jasper, 5, dairy cows.

Kale Burke of Jasper, 16, chewed on a piece of hay. "You got to find a good piece," said Kale.

A goat belonging to Isaac and Emma Uebelhor of Ferdinand nibbled on a hammock hanging above its pen.

Lucas Gutgsell of Celestine, 17, surprised his 4-H leader Danielle Schnell of Celestine with a bucket of water to rinse off after she was hit by a piece of animal dung.

Marie Tempel of St. Henry, 12, stroked her pygmy goat Maui as she talked with Mick Uebelhor of Huntingburg, 12, above her goat pen.

Ruth Bush of Celestine, a 4-H leader, encouraged competitors in the dog show to introduce themselves and their dogs. Public speaking is one of the goals of the program.

Noah Schue of Jasper, 12, washed his angus calf Rider. Rider has been bathed each day of the fair in preparation to be shown on Wednesday.

Quinten Schue of Jasper, 5, learned proper washing technique from his cousin and god mother Abby Fischer of Jasper, 15, as they scrubbed Abby's angus heifer Miley.

Lily Harpe of Alexandria, 10, was hit by a water gun's stream during the horse and pony barn's shaving cream fight.

Erica Werner of Ferdinand, 12, left, and Lydia Betz of Schnellville, 12, played an intense card game of Speed in the beef barn.

Sitting in water-filled wheelbarrows, Josilynn Bateman of Dale, 14, left, and Mary Seybold of Dubois, 11, stuck out their tongues to catch water falling from two hoses held by Paige Troxal of Haysville.

The midway offered carnival rides, games and food to fair-goers.

"I hope you get motion sickness," joked Jacob Uebelhor of Ferdinand, 12, center, to Adam Weyer of Ferdinand, 13, right, as Jacob swung the hammock he shared with Reese Verkamp of Schnellville, 15, left, towards Adam. The hammocks hung over Isaac and Emma Uebelhor's goat pens.

Demo Derby I Do

September 4, 2016: Greg “Bubba” Ubelhor and his fiancéeŽ Cheyenne Harris, both of Ferdinand, held hands as they walked to go watch the truck division of the demolition derby in Boonville. The couple hopes to get married during a demolition derby in the summer of 2017.

July 22, 2017: Bubba and Cheyenne were married during the demolition derby at the Dubois County 4-H Fair in Bretzville. “This is what we love, this is who I love, that’s why we’re here,” Bubba said in his vows to Cheyenne.

I met Bubba at a demolition derby last year and ended up following him and his family through the derby season for a Saturday Feature. During my time working on the story, he and Cheyenne got engaged and quickly started talking about their dream of a derby wedding. More coverage: The Herald

“Ew, not in front of me,” objected 10-year-old Kendra Ubelhor, right, as her father Greg “Bubba” Ubelhor leaned in to kiss his bride Cheyenne Harris after returning from competing in the stock mini class following their wedding ceremony at the demolition derby.

Jasper Goes To State

Features from Jasper’s 4-0 loss to South Bend St. Joseph in the state championship game of the Indiana Class 3A Baseball Tournament at Victory Field in Indianapolis on Saturday, June 17, 2017. More coverage: The Herald

Jasper High School junior Eric Nordhoff, right, was comforted by his brother Adam, 14, after Eric gave Adam his runner-up medal following the game.