Quad Squad

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The Dilger family was so much fun to photograph. I’d spent an afternoon documenting the whirlwind that is their life, then come back to the office and laugh as I edited the photos. At first, I had trouble telling them all apart. I quickly realized that they are not only different in appearances, but they each have their own unique personality. It was a joy to get to know them as individuals and to see how they function as a family. After the novelty of quadruplets wore off, I realized they are just like any other family. While their home is full of chaos, it is also filled with love.

The Dilger siblings — Paige, left, Emma, Brenna, Noah and Alex jumped on the beds in the girls’ bedroom in Ferdinand. Paige, Emma, Brenna and Alex are quadruplets who celebrated their sixth birthday on November 15.

Paige, front, Alex, left, Noah, Emma, Brenna and Shauna waited for the school bus before the quadruplets' first day of kindergarten at Nancy Hanks Elementary School. Noah began third grade. "It feels bittersweet," said Shauna after sending the children off to school.

Brenna, left, let Emma sample her snow cone as Paige also enjoyed a spoonful of Brenna's snow cone at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church vacation bible school carnival in Jasper.

Emma, left, approached as Shauna and Chris outfitted Paige with arm floaties and Brenna exited the pool to join them at a party hosted by the Jasper Public Library as a reward for participants of the summer reading program at the Jasper Municipal Pool.

"No fighting," begged Emma, left, as Alex, Brenna and Paige simultaneously attempted to climb a rope ladder on the playset at their home.

Paige hung from the rod in the closet she shares with her two sisters.

Shauna cuddled with Brenna, left, Alex and Emma. “Some of my favorite moments are when the kids climb into my lap and snuggle,” said Shauna. “It can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when all five want to be in my lap or sitting next to me, but I try to cherish those moments because I know they won’t always last and I will miss the day they stop climbing in my lap.”

The Dilger quadruplets, from bottom left, Emma, Brenna, Paige and Alex and their older brother Noah ate lunch. Chris and Shauna affectionally use the pet name "monkey" for their children.

Southridge wins State

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Sisterly Love

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“For as long as I can remember, I knew that Hannah was special,” said Ashley Schaus, 23. “And I knew that, as her sister, that I was going to look out for her.” Ashley’s fifteen-year-old sister Hannah has Down syndrome. She has taken it upon herself to be Hannah’s caregiver in addition to her big sister. Before Will Seaton asked for Ashley’s hand in marriage, he got down on one knee and asked Hannah to be his best friend forever. Ashley incorporated Hannah into their wedding festivities. “This day is as much about Hannah as it is about me,” Ashley said. “She may not get the chance to get married, so I want to make sure she does get to have this experience.”

Ashley, Hannah and Will. They’re all amazing in their own ways. Ashley is a truly selfless person. She puts Hannah first in everything that they do. Hannah is pure good. Her natural state, at least around Ashley and Will, is smiling and giggling. Will has wholeheartedly accepted Hannah as a sister. He makes sure that she never feels left out. Together, they are a very natural trio and now they’ve vowed to be husband, wife and best friend for life.